Our Mission


561Customs LLC. was founded on family, growth, and building generational wealth. Our company focuses on helping other small businesses capitalize on scaling their brand with custom business branding. We provide an array of products and services that specifically focus on turning an idea into a fully professionally branded business. With everything from custom business shirts/ polos, store and/or car window branding, custom business rugs/tapestries, and so much more! When you hire us as your personal business branding specialists, our goal is to equip you with all the tools you need to successfully market and grow your brand/business.

   Our mission is to Break Generational Curses that have been set before us. We will build an Empire and leave a Legacy for our children and future generations to come. We've already started giving back to our community within our annual #FEEDING561 movement! Our long term vision is to start a non-profit organization to help homeless and/or less fortunate families in need. Providing shelter, food, and a program to help people get back on their feet. With Every Order received, a percentage of the profits go toward this initiative. So your'e not only supporting a small business, your'e also giving back to your community!  We strive to give back to our community by lending a helping hand to small businesses in more ways than one. We believe by helping small businesses grow and prosper in our community, we can truly make a difference. Building generational wealth in the minority community is our goal.